From one overcomer to another…

Hi! I am Donna Moffitt, overcomer. As we travel along this earthly journey together, you are an overcomer as well. What came to mind as I was thinking of this first post was one of those paper chains that we made as children. The ones out of construction paper mostly around Christmas time to hang on the tree. Each piece is connected and wrapped around another building on the one before.

 Overcoming is like that for us. We are interconnected and wrapped around each other in all sorts of real and figurative ways.  We often go from being the overcomer to helping someone else become one just like the construction paper chain which is intertwined, connected and loops around. And that is how we travel along through this life. Perhaps an over simplified life analogy but one that works. 

Booker T. Washington is attributed with one of my favorite quotes: “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.” 

I have shared this quote with the teens at Preston Taylor Ministries where I volunteer a number of times. I tell  them that I believe they may have overcome more obstacles to walk across the stage to get a high school diploma than most U.S. presidents have overcome to become president! Homelessness, fathers who walked out or they never knew, the lack of resources that comes with generational poverty and two had cancer and more!

According to recent research teens from all demographics are experiencing anxiety at all-time high levels. Why are they and what can help them?

How do we measure success as Booker T. referenced it? How should we?  How is it that some folks who have been through trials that would break many of us keep going? Why are there those who can’t go on and choose to end their journey on this earth, (in simple terms, the construction paper chain broke for them)?  What can we learn from the stories of others that can help us overcome? 

Again, we are all overcomers because we live in an imperfect world as and with imperfect people. 

Through sharing stories of overcomers from all walks of life, good thoughts, and good research I hope to bring inspiring material about all things related to overcoming your way. Stay tuned…

My good friend, Roosevelt, ends his emails with “Keep the Faith” from which a group of us have adopted the hashtag: #ktf – I will borrow it for this blog and end with:

Keep the Faith #ktf